Inside Artzine #13

International Artscum Magazine
(Europe, USA, Australia, Japan)
Paintings, (Digital) Collages, Sculptures, Stories, Interviews, Reports, Reviews from the depth of the creative abyss. The art of the real underground: The Sewer!
Kris Kuksi (US), Navette (FRA), Chris Mars (US), Pierc (ITA), Chet Zar (US), Mark Powell (AUS), Carlos Villas (MEX), Dark Mouth (GER), "Vegas Turmoil" - Interview with KD Matheson (US), "Art after Death" - the unoffical studies ++++ more.<--break->

A4, 40pages, english, offset, full color, full sickness....

"Holy fuck, there’s some sinister shit in here. While it’s gorgeously laid-out and designed and the production values are through the roof, it’s just resoundingly creepy as fuck..." RAZORCAKE
"This magazine is fucking fantastic!! All of the artwork makes me want to look away, but I can't. I'm intrigued. This magazine is a must-have for anyone interested in dark, daring political artwork and it's appendages..." PROFANE EXCISTANCE
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9. März 2010
Inside Artzine #13


Zine, Art
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